About Me

Hi, I'm Lukas Atkinson. I'm a software developer from Germany. Previously, I also did a bit of research. My interests include:

  • software development topics such as distributed systems, security, testing and quality management, and web (backend) development;

  • programming language concepts and parsing technology;

  • legal topics such as privacy and data protection;

  • open source culture and licensing.

Programming Languages

I've worked with lots of programming languages.

Recently, I focus on Rust and Python, with a dash of JS/TS.

Previously, I have done significant work in Perl and C++. As a programming language nerd, I have dabbled in tons of other languages as well.

long list of programming languages, my experiences with them, and opinions™

Social Media and Contact

I use various social media:

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this website or my projects, you can also reach me per email. However, I will not provide programming help, and won't respond to messages with unsolicited offers (spam, job offers, link trading, …). MnRK2Y9hX4 [@] lukasatkinson [・] de. I'll try to respond to legitimate messages within a couple of business days.