Good API Documentation

by Lukas Atkinson

This post provides suggestions on writing good API documentation that targets programmers: how you can document a class, library, or command line utility so that other programmers or power users can make good use of it. Not covered is documentation for end users or GUIs, although some ideas would certainly translate.

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MOPping it up

Building a simple Metaobject-Protocol

by Lukas Atkinson

Many languages make a distinction between objects and classes. But shouldn't everything – including classes – be an object in a pure object-oriented language? Some languages like Smalltalk, Common Lisp, and Ruby manage just that and offer a complete and flexible Metaobject-Protocol. Others such as Java only offer a read-only object protocol commonly called “introspection” or “reflection”.

In this post, I'll explore how to create a simple Metaobject-Protocol where classes are objects – all without creating infinite loops. We'll be using a previous post's JavaScript object encoding as a basis for this MOP.

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Emerging Objects

Building a simple object system out of closures

by Lukas Atkinson

Object-oriented programming and functional programming imply each other. While encoding closures as objects is a well-known technique (see the command pattern, and e.g. Functors in C++), using closures to implement objects is a bit more unusual.

In this post, I will explore creating a simple object system in JavaScript, using only the functional parts.

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